Education Centre and Library

The Idea Behind Our Project

Mutual understanding between cultures requires education. This is what we would like to offer in a centre that serves several goals and audiences at the same time. For that purpose, the education centre looks for collaboration with institutions with similar interests and financial support by the state and foundations.

  • Arabic courses: the nature of our courses is provided upon requests including dialect Arabic, modern standard Arabic and Fosha Arabic
  • Arab culture courses (e.g. calligraphy or literature)
  • Courses about intercultural diversity and conflict resolution
  • A library – primarily with Arabic and German books – shall complement these offers. Information provided online and a monthly newsletter reaches those who are not able to pass by in person.

Where We Are Now (Jan 2018)?


Having started with three children 2014, we now teach Arabic to 25 children on a weekly basis in a public school every Saturday. By now, we have managed to build a qualified teachers who used to teach Arabic in public schools in Syria. We are currently working on:


  • continuing and expanding our Arabic teaching program,
  • gaining recognition by the Fachstelle Förderung und Integration (department for development and Integration) as provider of HSK (teaching of native language and culture)
  • broadening the scope of our course offers beyond the Arabic language and audience.