Thaqafa Cultural Centre

The Idea Behind Our Project

  • By organizing a big cultural event once or twice a year Thaqafa Cultural Centre aims at making the vision of Arab Swiss House visible beyond Basel’s area.
  • Monthly cultural meetings shall bring people of all cultures together in order to discuss questions about coexistence and their own experiences.
  • Special trips and sport events shall be planned for families.

Where We Are Now (Jan 2018)?

Since December 2014, Arab Swiss House presents an hourly radio show every Monday on Basel’s RadioX in Arabic and German. The radio show called ArabX reports news in Arabic and German, promotes events in the Basel area, provides insight into different cultural topics through book reviews, interviews or discussions – and last but not least plays a lot of music. We have no numbers yet on how many people tune in every week to listen to the show, but the hundreds of followers on Soundcloud and Facebook prove that there is considerable interest since it is the only Arabic radio show in Basel.