Our Project

Our motto

…We are united and stronger by our differences…

Arab Swiss House provides a space for people of all origins who are willing to meet each other with respect and openness.



The idea behind Arab Swiss House was developed in 2013: Where Arab and Arab-Swiss parents wanted to familiarize their children with the Arabic language. The children are taught every Saturday morning,  parents agreed with us that we really needed a permanent space for interaction. It was also realized that there were more commonalities than disparities between their native countries and Switzerland. This is how – step by step – the idea of building a house where the Arab and the Swiss culture are able to meet came into being.


Cultural differences and commonalities between Switzerland and the Arab world foster a fruitful exchange. The pictures below shall serve as inspiration: food, music, sacral buildings, books...



Our project is divided into three sections parts of which have already come into being. Learn more by clicking on the respective section.

Coffee Gallery: Art Gallery Café

Culture: Thaqafa Cultural Centre

Education: Education Centre and Library